Create Powerful Influence
not just another book.


Myth:  Books build credibility
Truth:  Quality books build credibility. Books that don’t sound like you, aren’t professional, or don’t captivate your reader, can actually push your audience away and damage your credibility!


Myth:  Selling lots of books means you are making a real difference in your readers’ lives.
Truth:  Selling lots of books makes you money but does not guarantee the book will actually be read or matter. If you are going to write a book, write a book that your audience wants to read – and finish – takes action on, and loves enough to share with others.


Myth:  Your audience wants and needs more information.
Truth:  Ummm...  I'm sorry, but have you seen the internet lately?! Your audience is gorged on information! The world is changing. Readers want more than just information. Your readers, like you, want to feel inspired, motivated and empowered. Help them feel alive, really alive, and they’ll read everything you write! Not to mention look you up online, follow you, become a raving fan, attend your trainings...  you get the idea.


You got into the expert business because you have a message to share and lives to change. You see the potential and you want to make a real and powerful difference. You want to matter! 

And you can!

But writing a book is more than just getting information into a sellable product. A lot more. In fact, I have researched and studied the top most influential nonfiction authors of the last 100 years and discovered their secrets to powerful, long-lasting influence - influence that changed congressional policies, birthed a new field of science, and change the very culture of our nation!

While not every book will have that level of impact, you can incorporate these secrets into your own writing to reach more people, change more lives, and make an even bigger difference in the world!

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Writing is an internal game that produces external results. Get started right from the inside out.

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Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age.
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